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Autumn Boots To Pair With Your Favourite Coat Style

Posted: 01/11/2016


With the leaves turning into orange and yellow hues and the weather turning colder each day, Autumn is in full swing – it’s definitely time to put those fur boots on.

There are several Autumn boots to choose from but which fur boots will suit your jacket the best? Below we pair each of our autumn boot styles with a jacket style so that you can pick the right boots for your style.



Ellie Camel Boots + Parka Coat

These classic fur boots will match perfectly with your parka coat especially if your parka coat is short with a fur trimmed hood. This is a classic look for those cold autumn days and you will definitely feel snug and warm with the Ellie camel fur boots.


Emily Grey Boots + Pea Coat

The Emily grey fur boots are for those who want to look extra stylish this Autumn and paired with a double-breasted pea coat, you will look both cosy and chic.


Rosie Chocolate Boots + Fur Coat

If you own many fur coats – and not just coats with fur trimmings, then you may wish to complete the look with these Rosie chocolate boots – they will match perfectly with brown fur coats and this look can easily be carried into Winter where you definitely won’t want to leave your fur coat. Pixie footwear offer many mid-knee length fur boots in a variety of colours so there is a perfect pair of autumn fur boots for each of your fur coats.


Lucy Black Boots + Cape Coat

Cape coats are perfect for those days when it’s not that cold but the weather still warrants you to wear some sort of jacket. Pairing your cape coat with these Lucy black boots is an excellent choice as it creates a cute but chic look. This style is perfect for those who do not wish to add any extra height.


Tammy Camel Boots +Trench Coat or Wrap Coat

Finally, both trench coats and wrap coats are a definite staple for your wardrobe. Pairing the Tammy Camel boots with your wrap coat creates a classy look but also lets others know that you mean business. These heeled boots are perfect for those who wish to add a bit of height and be fashionable.

To find your perfect Autumn boots style, head to Pixie Footwear where you will find the latest autumn boots in a wide range of colours and designs.

Fur Boots Are Both Safe and Stylish

Posted: 20/09/16

If you’re a fashion obsessed individual, then you would have been keeping up to date on all that was going on at the New York Fashion Week. It would have been hard to miss Bella Hadid’s graceful fall on the catwalk – something which is becoming a common occurrence amongst models. As new footwear styles are created, one can’t help but wonder why we even put ourselves through so much pain to look pretty. Although it is obvious that accessories such as bags, scarves and shoes (whether they are high heeled stilettos or cosy fur boots) can often enhance your look in many ways.

Take, for example, Bella Hadid’s outfit on the catwalk, modelling a Michael Kor’s embellished black dress. The six-inch heels she wore emphasised the gothic look of the outfit and added to it. If you’ve mastered wearing high heels, then this is a look you should definitely try! For the rest of us, we would certainly prefer boots with fur – it would help in breaking our fall should we find ourselves tumbling.

To create this gothic look with fur boots, opt for a shorter black dress (above the knee) which you can then enhance by wearing ankle length fur boots. Below we have listed our favourites for creating a gothic-chic look:

 Lucy Black Boots

First up it’s the ‘Lucy Black’ boots. Although you would look more ‘cute’ than ‘alluring’, it’s a safer option if high heeled boots do not mix well with you. The colour of these boots along with the buckle detail gives it that on trend gothic look.


Izzy Black Boots

If you don’t mind the extra height, then the ‘Izzy Black’ boots are a great choice. Looking similar to the Chelsea boot design, the ‘Izzy Black’ boots offer a minimalistic approach with little detailing. These boots are pull-on with no zip or laces so is suited to those who prefer to slip on boots and go. The 'Izzy Black' boots will easily compliment many styles and outfits including the gothic-chic look.


Tammy Black Boots

Finally, for those who want to stand out even more, then the ‘Tammy Black’ boots are best. These lace up ankle length boots are heeled and detailed with silver eyelets which make the boots more prominent. In addition to this, on the inside, the top half is covered in grey fur so you can fold the boots to show the fur, creating a classic winter gothic look. The grey fur can also help to break up the all black look whilst also allowing you to pair your outfit with other grey accessories. However, if you prefer the fur trim look then leave the boots unfolded – the boots also appear a bit longer this way.

To see the latest fur boot designs and get ideas on which fur boots you should wear, head on over to Pixie footwear. The fur boots come in a variety of colours and a selection of different styles so there is a style suitable for everyone. We promise that the only falling you will do is falling in love with these boots! 



Fur Boots in the Summer: Yes? No? Thoughts?

Posted: 23/08/16

It is something that, perhaps defies common sense yet when we see celebrities posing in magazine shoots rebelling against the societal norms; we start to question ourselves. And more often than not, we wonder, why did I not think to do that myself?

Take, for example, Kylie Jenner's photo shoot in the desert where she dresses in a swimsuit, normal of course but look down and you will see she has fur boots on. White and fluffy - and it's not just the colour that makes them stand out.

I look at the photos and wonder how anyone could wear fur boots in the summer. The summer, when it's hot, it's humid, and I'm always frantically searching for a fan to cool me right away! Only for the sake of fashion I assume, and perhaps to also make a statement. A statement which says that I can wear anything I want to, regardless of the changes in weather.

Essentially, photo shoots like that of Kylie Jenner's can be empowering and give courage to those who see her as their idol, to do anything they want. It can encourage the younger generation to be bold and take risks such as changing your whole look; applying for that job and voicing your opinions instead of shying away.

When children and adults alike see photos like this where there are two staples of different seasons coming together, it allows them to open up their minds to the possibility of various things around them. It can encourage children not to be limited by the things/obstacles that surround them and instead to think bigger, not only vertically but laterally too. Not only think in a scientific manner but to think creatively too; It also helps to promote outside the box thinking.

With that said, wearing fur boots in the summer is a good place to start. At Pixie footwear, we have various fur boots including ankle boots, knee boots and thigh length fur boots. These boots also come in a wide array of colours ranging from black all the way to Chestnut. Head over to Pixie footwear to check out the latest fur boot designs to find the boots that will make you stand out this summer.


The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Boots

Posted: 10/08/16

Boots: Black, Grey, Brown, Camel...they come in various colours, styles and lengths so it's no wonder that such an assortment of boots can cause confusion. But worry not! This guide will help you decide which boots will be the perfect fit for you.


Probably the most go to colour for boots is black because black seems to go with everything and when in doubt black is most certainly the obvious choice. And this may be a good option if you want to play it safe. However, if you're looking to upgrade your style, then other colours should be given a chance.
Camel coloured boots are one option. Although they might reduce the options of outfits to work with, they stand out and are more noticeable than black boots. Camel coloured boots work best with black jeans and with the right boot style can also be paired with floral dresses.

However, if camel is not your colour then perhaps a shade of grey might be to your liking. Grey will also stand out better than black. There are many different shades of grey to choose from including charcoal grey, light grey and dark grey. Depending on your fashion style, grey boots will go perfectly with black leggings, jeans and jeggings.

Brown boots, especially the chocolate brown colour is another perfect choice. Brown boots can go perfectly with day dresses and leggings.


Now that you know which colour you want, the next thing is to choose the style of the boots. First up, fur boots - they can be seen as cute and a great way to look stylish especially during the winter. If you want to go for a classic look but would also like to keep warm, then you should opt for fur boots.

If you want something that looks a bit smarter than lace up boots with heels can add that extra dose of style to your outfit. Lace up boots can be perfectly paired with a chic looking skirt. Not a fan of heels? I would recommend riding boots especially if you want to go for the practical look. Riding boots, mostly commonly in black and brown colours, can be paired with leggings and are often suitable for walking for longer periods of time.

Ankle, Knee high or in between?

Ankle boots can easily be paired with skinny jeans. However, sometimes this look doesn't always work out the way we intend it to. Ankle boots can also be a good option if you prefer to wear skirts.

If you live in your leggings, then I would recommend below the knee boots. They are comfortable but also stylish. These below the knee boots can often come with many adornments such as buckles, fringes and fur. If you want the 'country' look, then opt for fringes and buckles. If these boots are for the winter, then fur is a must!

Finally, you can also try knee-high or over-the-knee boots. Mostly recommended to be worn with dresses, over-the-knee boots can transform any outfit into one that is more suitable for going out.

Now that you know about the many different boot styles, head on over to pixie footwear to find your perfect pair of boots.




Kathryn Watson - Fashion, Food & Fancies Blogger talks about Pixie's Emily boot in her blog The Kat's Paws

Posted: 1/12/15

“They are smart enough to wear with dresses or casual enough to wear with jeans, and go perfect with leggings, tights or even those cute little frilly ankle socks I adore. The boots are made with a super soft microfibre material and lined with the most fluffiest, cosiest, thick faux fur you could imagine.I don’t even need to wear socks with these, as I love putting my feet into what feels like a big snuggly hug. I now consider these one of my comfiest pairs of boots I own. "

Kathryn Watson



Occasionally Pixie may have something to shout about and when there is you will find it here first:

Posted: 23/12/14

10% reduction on Pixie

Snap up a bargain and get your order before the new year, enter the code XMAS10 at the checkout for 10% off across Pixie's full range.


Posted: 28/11/14

Pixie's Black Friday Discount

Not only is Pixie offering free delivery on all orders, you can now get a 30% discount across the site with the code BFRI30. Just enter the code at the checkout to receive Pixie's biggest discount ever! Hurry up though, offer expires on 29/11/14.



Posted: 15/09/14

Win a pair of Pixie boots

To celebrate the launch of the new range of Pixie boots for Autumn/Winter we are giving away three pairs of boots. You can win a pair of Pixie boots of your choosing just by liking the Pixie facebook page and entering the competition.
Good luck


Posted: 4/11/13

We've launched our first full bag range 

We've launched the first full range of Pixie bags for Autumn/Winter 2013. Featuring new styles including Andrews, Dietrich, Garland, Hepburn, Munroe, Minnelli and Taylor, alongside the Pixie classic Poppins. Each bag takes its inspiration from influential women and we name our styles accordingly. Ranging from shoulder bags and satchels to trapezium totes, offering great style and practicality.



Posted: 12/08/13

We're at MODA

We've launched the first ever Pixie Spring/Summer range at MODA this week.  We've also announced our first full range of bags, if you want to take a sneaky look check out our facebook page or have a peak at twitter.

New Range at MODA



Posted: 07/04/13

Next Seasons Designs

Our latest designs have arrived!  To have a sneak peak take a look at our facebook page ( and 'Like' it whilst you are there if you haven't already.



Posted: 15/12/12

Christmas Delivery

Order by Thu 20 December, 3pm for Christmas delivery.

Posted: 28/11/12

Pixie Advert on Sky

Pixie have launched an advertising campaign on Sky Living and Sky LivingIt, check it out below or on the Pixie YouTube channel.

Big thank you to Decibels for their fabulous track Ruza.



Posted: 27/11/12

Christmas Returns Policy

We've specially extended our returns period for the Christmas season. Items purchased on from 26 November until 31 December inclusive may be returned at any time before midnight on 31 January, 2013. Our returns policy will revert to the standard period for items purchased after 31 December, 2012.

Posted: 27/09/12

New range of Pixie boots

Pixie’s new designs are now available to pre-order and include Ellie, Lucy and Sophie:

Ellie £65

Ellie is a mid-height boot offering a stylish edge. Clean lines and fuss free design are accompanied by a turned down side to reveal lux faux fur. Finished with a wooden toggle, contrast stitching and Pixie’s signature branding to complete the look.

Lucy £65

Lucy was inspired by the edgy design of one of last year’s favourites Daisy, she offers the wearability that’s true of every Pixie boot but with an alternative twist. The studs and buckles at the back of the leg offer an evolution of a more traditional biker style with a modern lower height leg. Fully lined and trimmed in Pixie’s luxurious faux fur, Lucy offers the same warmth and comfort as her mid-length counterparts.

Sophie £65

Sophie combines comfort and flexibility, wear the scalloped collar pulled up over jeans, with a skirt to flatter the shape of the calf, or fold down to reveal the lux faux fur for classic winter warmer appeal. Trimmed with a contrast stitch and completed with the addition of two wooden toggles, this design can be worn in two ways for added flexibility.


Posted: 02/02/12

Pixie to launch new collection of boots and bags at Moda

We will be launching the Autumn/Winter 2012 range of boots and bags at our Moda debut 19 ‐ 21 February 2012. Our new designs Ellie, Millie, Sophie, Penny and Lucy will be revealed and we are very excited, can you tell? Come and see us Hall 19 Stand X20, we are looking for new retailers across the UK.



Posted: 17/01/12

Toasty toes in two days!

Due to the recent snap of cold weather in the UK we think you will need your warm Pixie boots as soon as possible, so Pixie is offering two day delivery on all boots as part of our Standard UK Delivery*

*orders must be placed by 1pm, some postcode restrictions do apply. Please email for further details.


Posted: 01/01/12

Pixie SALE

The Pixie sale is now on, save at least 25% on all our boots and bags. To wish you all a happy new year we're offering a further saving of 5% on our sale prices, just like our Facebook page and insert the special discount code at the checkout.


Posted: 17/11/12

Location, location, location

Pixie scheduled a photoshoot to take place at the weekend in Oxfordshire, the sun came out and a lot of fun was had getting down in the earth and hanging about in trees! You can see a selection of images from the shoot on our Facebook page:


Posted: 14/11/11


Pixie has been featured in a winter boot special on Yahoo! Lifestyle


Posted: 27/09/11

Thank you for your kind words & flowers!

All the Pixie discount codes have now gone and we are getting some lovely feedback from our first few Pixie friends already, including one that reads:

"loved your boots at first sight"

Katie even received some sunflowers to congratulate Pixie on the site launch! Thank you for your lovely messages please keep them coming via email or on facbook or twitter (just follow the buttons at the top of the page).


Posted: 20/09/11

Pixie's pre-order period

The Pixie pre-order period is now over, all orders will be dispatched as soon as possible - because we know you can't wait to try out your new Pixieware!



Posted: 24/08/11

Website Launch

Welcome to the cosy home of Pixie, to celebrate the launch of our website we are offering pre-orders on all our products. Make your purchase now for dispatch on 20 September, just in time for the start of the season. If you are one of our first 20 online customers you will receive a 10% discount code for use on your next order.



Posted: 21/06/11

Lake Garda, Italy

Katie went to Expo Riva Schuh (Lake Garda, Italy) to meet the Pixie supplier to discuss new bag samples. We hope to have these available to purchase in October get it in your diary and come back soon (the early bird catches the worm and all that)!



Posted: 10/06/11

Pixie photoshoot

Pixie’s first photoshoot took place this weekend, photographer Iain Tingle breezed through the two day shoot taking images for the forthcoming website launch.



Posted: 01/06/11

Exciting times

Steve and Katie are currently getting very excited about the launch of Pixie, with orders from independent retailers dropping into the Pixie inbox the pair can’t wait to launch the website.